5 Ways To Promote Good Eyelash Health

We’re all very well versed in the fine art of hair care but this generally only applies to the hair on our heads… what about our brows and eyelashes? They deserve some tender loving care as well and, in fact, this is important if you’re to keep your lashes in excellent health, looking full and luscious.

If you wear a lot of mascara on a regular basis, it’s even more important to focus on your lashes and give them a treatment from time to time. Also start to pay attention to how often you rub your eyes, as this can cause breakage and make your lashes look less full.

Luckily, there are all sorts of products you can invest in these days to help keep your lashes looking beautiful, no matter what your makeup routine is. There are lash and brow serums you can find that can help promote growth and look out for ingredients like biotin and plant peptides.

Olive oil is also a key ingredient and you can try this out easily by dipping a makeup brush in a bit of oil and dabbing it gently and carefully along your lash lines. Vitamin E oil is also something else to look out for, helping to give you stronger lashes.

For those of you who love wearing makeup, look out for mascara that has a lash-boosting effect, as these can help promote lash growth over time.

But one of the best ways to make sure your lashes look amazing is to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle, with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables each day. Make sure you’re eating enough food with fatty acids like omega-3s, such as salmon or chia seeds, to help your lashes grow big and beautiful.

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