Eyelash Beauty Trends This Autumn

This year, our eyes have become our most distinctive feature when out and about, and as a result, more and more women have turned to more dramatic and dynamic looks to frame their eyes.

There have been more unique looks this year than we have seen for a long time, and, thanks to the big looks of celebrities such as the Kardashians, sales of strip lashes have increased substantially.

From the subtle to full-on statement looks, here are some of our favourite eyelash trends this autumn.

Hybrid Lashes

Fuller eyelashes are very much in, and there are plenty of products out there that promise thicker, fuller lashes.

One of the most interesting is using small eyelash extensions to give a vibrant, fuller look, as well as fill gaps between your lashes.

Curly Eyelashes

One of the most unusual eyelash trends we have seen in some time is adding crimps, waves and curls to your eyelashes.

It’s an exceptionally unique look, and full credit to anyone brave enough to try it. We would just recommend that you choose strip eyelashes with that look rather than try and curl your natural lashes.

Rainbow/Mermaid Lashes

Bold, statement looks are very much in when it comes to our eyes, and one curious look is to add colour to your eyelashes.

Whether this is the bright hint of rainbow extensions to a more natural look or the darker blue, green and purple shades of a mermaid look, the key is the subtle addition of colour.

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