How Do I Get Started With Lash Extensions?

Our eyes are one of our most striking and prominent features, and in the current circumstances with many of us wearing masks outdoors they are the first thing we notice about other people.

With our eyes becoming the focus, the popularity of accessories that frame our eyes and show us at our best has become even more pronounced.

With so many looks and styles on the market it can be easy to get lost, but here are some top tips for getting started with lash extensions.

Plan Your Look First

False eyelashes come in all shapes and styles, from the subtle hybrids that enhance your natural look to the truly bold statement looks.

Typically, particularly if these are your first lashes you want an eyelash with a flexible, thin band that will naturally fit your eye and are much easier to apply.

If you are a beginner, one consideration you need to make is lash weight. Natural-looking lashes tend to be significantly lighter and easier on your eyes, and are the best way to start.


The eyelash market is huge, but if there is a bigger market it is in lash accessories. There are so many products, but we will stick to what you need to make your lashes shine.

Many lashes come with self-adhesive to help you stick lashes on directly. However, it is always worth ensuring you have an effective and dedicated eyelash adhesive, which will keep your lashes secure as long as you need them.

As applying lashes involves adhesive, eyelash removers which stop the glue from sticking are important as well for the end of the night to avoid irritation.

Finally, an applicator, whether in the form of a simple pair of tweezers or a pair dedicated to a strip of lashes is a must.

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