Level Up Your Eye Look When Wearing A Mask

This year has been the year where your eyes have taken centre stage. With mask-wearing the norm when outside, strip lashes, eyeshadow and statement brows have been the centre of our looks.

It’s been a refreshing change and we have seen some stunning eye fashions come out of the current circumstances, as they are now the focus of your look.

Here are some top tips to level up your eyelash game.

Focus On Your Eye Colour

Our eyes are naturally glistening and stunning, so your natural colour should be the starting point of your look, and feel free to be stunning. The aim is to subtly contrast your natural eye colour.

If you have green or slightly hazel eyes, enhancing that with oranges, rouge and bronze accents will make for a striking look.

As for blue and grey eyes, strong contrasts such as peach, copper, gold, and slate work wonders.

Finally, brown eyes look fantastic with blue shades such as teal, navy and purple.

Don’t Forget Your Brows

Adding definition and thickness to your eyebrows serves to help frame your eyes. The ideal look is just a little brushed up and a little bit fuller.

Add A Little Texture

This year is a fantastic time to experiment, and so bringing an extra texture can add a real different dimension to your eyes.

Add sparkle to your eyeshadow, shimmer to your eyelashes and a warm hue that fits your eye colour and lash style.

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