The Best Tips For Making Fake Lashes Look Legit

Fake lashes can look divine when done right, but they can also be downright difficult to get done right, especially if you don’t want them to look like obvious falsies!

With our eyes being our most visible means of facial communication while we are all required to wear a face mask, we wanted to have a look at some hacks for making your false lashes look lush and like your own.

Step 1: Curl

The first step, grab an eyelash curler and start at the tips of your lashes, apply a little pinch, and then work your way back to the base.

Step 2: Mascara

Waterproof mascara is ideal for keeping the lashes up, and pack it on!

Step 3: Comb

You will want to avoid clumps, so if they start to stick together due to your layering on the mascara, take a lash comb and comb through.

Step 4: More mascara

Layer on more mascara, as building a lash look that your falsies can blend with is more about the mascara than the false lash, so keep building it up.

Step 5: Eyeshadow (and more mascara)

Add a touch of darker eyeshadow right at the lash line, then comb through and add another coat of mascara.

Step 6: Liner

Once you’ve built your lash up quite a bit, add some eyeliner on the upper lash rim. It will make your lashes look much fuller, allowing the flash lashes some definition to blend with.

Step 7: Trim

If you need to trim the length to create even looking lashes, then mark where you intend to cut with your tweezers.

Step 8: Apply

Use a small amount of glue, and take the lash with your tweezers, then while looking down apply it right behind the lashes, move it into place, and check you have it on the lash line.

Step 9: MORE mascara!

To connect your false lashes with your real ones at the outer corner, add a little more mascara there and to the tips.

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