Wear Glasses? Here’s How To Get The Best From Your Makeup

When you wear glasses, you have one more element to consider when you’re choosing your makeup and, because glasses draw attention to your eyes, it’s important that you get these right to ensure you look fabulous behind your frames.

Marie Claire recently shared some top tips for anyone who wears glasses to ensure that their makeup is on point.

In fact, the first piece of advice doesn’t even relate to the makeup itself, but in choosing the right shape of glasses frame to suit your style. Think about how your frames can complement the makeup look you’re going for.

Makeup artist Pablo Rodriguez offered his advice on the other ways you can get your makeup right behind your glasses.

He explained that it’s important to bring definition to your eyes, as your glasses can pull focus, but that it’s essential you don’t go over the top. “Less is definitely more,” he asserted.

When it comes to your eyelashes, he recommends opting for a lengthening mascara rather than a volumising one. You could also give your lashes a boost with strip lash extensions to make them appear longer.

“Don’t use too many different eyeshadow colours, keep lashes clean and defined, apply eyeliner outside the lash line, not inside the rim of the eye,” Rodriguez advised.

You might want to forgo the eyeshadow altogether if you’re experimenting with one of our top eyelash trends of this autumn - mermaid lashes. These involve using lashes that are dark purple, blue or green in colour and it’s a surprisingly subtle way to introduce a dash of colour to your eye makeup.

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